Moonfattie is a derivative of a printmaking assignment at the University of Puget Sound. I was partnered with a girl from New Mexico who worked at wolf conservancies. She depicted the sun and I got the moon. Consumed by my studies on racism, identity, and food in American history, I was inspired by old world religion, corn mothers, corn moons and matriarchial societies. Today, corn and soy are big sources of survival for not just the 7 billion people on the planet, but their livestock as well.
Printmaking, inherently defined by mass production, was the perfect medium that could reflect my interest in consumerism, excess, and identity. I developed greeting cards dedicated to the themes of beef, obesity, and excess. Moonfattie is a fat, full moon - well-rounded, grotesquely American, Americana folklore, glittering ignorance, rural pride. By some means religious, by other means heretical (note the root of lunatic.) Exploring historical, cultural context is fattening and I enjoy exploring different American narratives under a consumer's lense.
Rib greeting cards will be available at Interabang Books in Dallas and via email.


MOONFATTIE series also refered to as I Love You, I'm Gonna Eat You, was produced in 2011. Denim Relief Block prints on paper.

Men & Guns print series delved into the playful perception of guns & masculinity. Plastic, monoprints on paper and plastic.

GOTCHA communicates via 19th century WANTED notices with a portrait of young San Antonio citizen. 

Look Good, Dallas is a childishly sassy and disrespectful stab at combating social and media pressures of obtaining beauty, while exploring the boundaries of allure. It's Dallas, baby.

MAGENTA DISCO is a celebration of fierce spontaneity, femininity, and splendor, seeped in fucshia.

LAND COLOR STUDIES are all created en plein air. Preserve the Prairie.